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Welcome to Unconventionally Steadfast. A lot of what I do is on social media. You'll find many more photos and ideas on my Facebook page, Unconventionally Steadfast or my personal Instagram account melindaransdell. I also have several large and ever growing Pinterest boards. The links are listed to the right. I use several hashtags to easily find my posts. 

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As my blog grows, I will be adding easy to reference tabs for each area. Right now, there is a Resources tab. There you will find printable and free to use explanations and worksheets for different Visual Faith practices.

I have recently been greatly inspired to get creative with my kids in our faith lives with projects that I like to call Family Faith. I believe it is up to me, and my husband, to teach our kids how to engage their faith through several different means. Sometimes we either get bored or lose our way and just need some different ideas on how to get back into interacting with our God. It is also in these times that they remember the promises of God that will help them get through life and hopefully make the world a better place.

I will also be posting scripture verses and thoughts from devotions that have struck me as significant. Maybe they will be that for you and maybe they won't. I love photography and designing a type of meme I like to call these Inspire Today.

I also have several ideas exploding out of my head that have helped me with my prayer life and time when I connect with God. These are called Spiritual Growth. Many of these ideas have been inspired by other faithful that I look up to and Pinterest. Right now, this is the main type of post you find on my home page.

Are you an artist? Are you creative?
You may be asking or just plain saying you are not an artist. Well, let me tell you something I learned in art school. Yes, you are. Everyone is artistic and creative in some way. Whether it is through writing, cooking, acting, music, fabric creations, organizing (even schedules), fixing things, solving problems, developing any kind of program, buying a gift for someone or actually drawing or painting. We are all very creative beings. Basically, if you must use your brain to do it, you are creative, thus an artist. You have some form of artistic expression in your life.

We are all born artists. Do you remember what it was like as a little kid to open that brand new box of fresh smelling and perfectly pointed crayons. Heavenly, right? Or that giant piece of paper with the jars of brightly colored paint with your dad's shirt on backwards and getting the go ahead signal to create whatever your little heart desired with that slightly too large for you paint brush? O.K. maybe I'm reliving my childhood here, but do you remember that you had a more carefree spirit? A freedom to imagine and bring to life? It is that moment when you feel that what you are doing has meaning, purpose and you are so focused that you become lost in it. Art is found in anything anyone is doing.

If you are still not convinced, let me offer this. Consume! Consume the things you love. Making that recipe Pinterest board. Watch HGTV design shows. Go to art museums. Listen to your favorite music. Read your favorite author. Devour what inspires you. Then, maybe someday you will find you have the desire to create.

Here are a few artist secrets to help:

We aren't afraid to just cover up something that didn't turn out. 
Yes, most of us have tortured souls.
We aren't afraid to turn the paper upside down.
Yes, we don't care if you don't get it, just assign your own meaning.
We aren't afraid to let our imaginations run wild.
Yes, we do believe everyone is creative.
We aren't afraid to get stuck. Oh wait, yes we are.
Yes, most of us are sleep deprived.
We aren't afraid to use copious amounts of coffee.
Yes, we do get jealous of others creations.
We aren't afraid to copy the masters to get our own works going.


  1. OK- I love, love , love this beginning journey. Thanks for being a traveler and sharing it!!!!

    1. All part of this great adventure we are on! It's definitely better together. Thanks for being a great example and mentor for the ride!