Friday, May 27, 2016

New Sermon Notes and a New Series - PRAYER

We are super excited at St. John's to be starting a new series on PRAYER. What an amazing and important discipline in our faith lives, every part of our lives. Communication is key for any relationship, especially the one with our Lord. Prayer is our main form of communication with God.

Over the next several weeks, we will be looking over the Old Testament readings and the prayers of the faithful and their interactions with God. The sermon notes will feature word art that relates to their prayers. After the sermon series, there will be a Sunday morning bible study for a few weeks on various prayer practices. The sermons will be available online to listen to at  We also hope to make available YouTube videos of the bible study on prayer along with any materials and resources used.

The Sermon Notes for this week are now available through the Faith Book & Sermon Notes tab under Prayer Series HEAR Sunday May 29th or through the St. John's Church site.  You will also find previous sermon notes and sermons to listen to on the church site.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

What is a Faith Book???

You've probably seen another new trend in personal devotion time called a Faith Planner. And most likely you've seen the Praise Book by Illustrated Faith. And most definitely you've seen Bible Journaling. And you absolutely cannot miss all the awesome coloring books for adults out there, even faith based ones! Each one of these tools are a great creative way to enhance your prayer and devotion time. We love using each style to connect with God during our "Faith Time" at our house.

So, what is a Faith Book? It is all of the above in one place!

It is a small binder that allows you to put all kinds of faith tool materials together. I started out by getting a paper planner. I use my phone A LOT. My husband and I share each others calendars so we can always see what's going on. I have a ton of notes and task lists on my phone, too. But, this all became very overwhelming to me and I needed to slow down, breathe and not dread my days. Earlier you saw that I had a shift in thinking with my kids "To Do/Love" lists. Sounds corny, I know, but really I just wanted to be happier and less stressed when it came to ordering our days. I needed a new vantage point.

I found a planner system at Michaels called Sn@p, which unfortunately was clearanced and is no longer there. (kind of like Project Life with a calendar) But, it was a good start. I had some monthly calendar layouts and weekly sheets. This is how I started praying over my days and plans. I'd also go back and write in awesome things that had happened and lessons I had learned. In each month I noticed a lesson or devotion theme and I would write, stamp, washi tape, sticker that on the back of calendar page. In the weekly/daily planning sheets I noticed space to write some prayers or bible verses. Just like I had seen online.

Pause for a sec....I had discovered faith planners through various bible journaling posts on Instagram and was immediately intrigued. Search #faithplanner. This all happened around the same time as getting more into Bible Journaling, Praying In Color and needing to give my kids some resources for their daily routines.

My planner has now evolved into a Faith Book because I noticed the Sermon Note sheets I make for Sunday fit in it perfectly! I had been taking notes inside our church service folder (or on the cover) and wasn't sure where to store them. But then sermon notes came along and voila! I have also created scripture study sheets, that can be used for bible journaling prep. (which I happen to use to plan out my sermon note sheets) I also have prayer sheets. I noticed that I needed more room for prayer than my planner offered. It has all fallen together into a nice usable system, which I am certain will continue to evolve over time.

I still have my journaling bible. I still have my Praying in Color journal. I still have scripture coloring books. Of course, I still have my phone! I use them all. Find tools and adapt them to work for you. I have all kinds of positive and inspirational stickers I have found at craft stores that I use inside my Faith Book. Stamps, too. And I have TONS of washi tape. You could even print out photos and use scrapbook supplies. This faith tool is another amazing way to connect with God, create a visual reminder of that time, and an opportunity to leave a legacy of your faith story for future generations.

If you click on the Faith Book and Sermon Notes tab above you will find more ideas and resources.
To see more completed Faith Book sheets visit Examples of Faith Book Inserts.

I hope this helps you to feel more connected to our loving God, who orders our days and cares for our souls.