Friday, March 24, 2017

Daily Affirmations Booklet

The Daily Affirmations coloring and reflecting booklet is a result of my husband asking me to come up with a place where people could ponder the promises of God. I had made the cover sheet awhile back to add to my faith book.

Each quote is referenced with a bible verse. It is either a direct quote or a paraphrase. I encourage you to look up each reference, read it through a couple of times, write your thoughts in the lined box and then color the picture as you think about how God cares for you through that verse. Each picture is simple in composition so that you can focus more on God's words than the picture itself. To avoid getting hung up on your coloring technique, I suggest picking out only 3 different colored pencils to use on each page. Then, you'll spend less time thinking about what color you want to use and spend more time reflecting on God's promise to you.

Each document has two different coloring pages on one legal size sheet of paper. To make a booklet you can print another page on the back or keep it blank and fold all the sheets together. The cover has all the promises listed together and an affirmation to color for the back of the booklet. Feel free to color in this page, too. There are an odd number of pages, so I printed the last one front and back and then cut it in half for the center of the booklet. Or, you can just have extra blank space for thoughts or doodles.

Each page is free to download and print. I pray that the practice of coloring and reflecting helps to draw you closer to God and become more aware of His presence in your life. Hold fast to His promises and rest securely in His affirming love for you. Click on each page below for the file.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Lent thus far...

Today is day 4 of the 40 days of Lent, which do not count Sundays, up until Easter. This year I happened upon a reflective scripture, prayer and a fasting of sorts written by Ann Voskamp. I knew I was already going to do my Lenten Prayer Path for my prayer time and look at the study inside, but I was interested in doing more. Something that would challenge me, grow me, stretch me to go deeper. I was very excited when I saw Ann's post on her Facebook page show up just a couple days before Ash Wednesday. Here is the link: A Lent to Repent and Refresh 

There are these wonderful free downloads to print that look like a bookmark or can be folded into an ornament for each day. There is a verse to look up and walk through a lectio divinia reflection type process. There is also a prayer in the middle with what you will be fasting from for that day, like perfectionism, judgmentalism and even social media. And then there is a beautiful classic piece of artwork that depicts the life of Christ. They are made in color but I choose to print them in black and white for a more somber feel.

I have really enjoyed reflecting in the margins of my journaling bible and in my faith book. Here are some photos of what I have done. I realized on the 3rd day that I could tape the bookmarks into my bible with washi tape. There will be multiple entries on only a few of the same pages. The bookmarks are just the right size for me to write notes on the back of them and then overlap them as they are added. I also noticed that I have developed a cross as a part of each entry. I would like to continue this throughout Lent.