Saturday, March 4, 2017

Lent thus far...

Today is day 4 of the 40 days of Lent, which do not count Sundays, up until Easter. This year I happened upon a reflective scripture, prayer and a fasting of sorts written by Ann Voskamp. I knew I was already going to do my Lenten Prayer Path for my prayer time and look at the study inside, but I was interested in doing more. Something that would challenge me, grow me, stretch me to go deeper. I was very excited when I saw Ann's post on her Facebook page show up just a couple days before Ash Wednesday. Here is the link: A Lent to Repent and Refresh 

There are these wonderful free downloads to print that look like a bookmark or can be folded into an ornament for each day. There is a verse to look up and walk through a lectio divinia reflection type process. There is also a prayer in the middle with what you will be fasting from for that day, like perfectionism, judgmentalism and even social media. And then there is a beautiful classic piece of artwork that depicts the life of Christ. They are made in color but I choose to print them in black and white for a more somber feel.

I have really enjoyed reflecting in the margins of my journaling bible and in my faith book. Here are some photos of what I have done. I realized on the 3rd day that I could tape the bookmarks into my bible with washi tape. There will be multiple entries on only a few of the same pages. The bookmarks are just the right size for me to write notes on the back of them and then overlap them as they are added. I also noticed that I have developed a cross as a part of each entry. I would like to continue this throughout Lent.

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