Sunday, February 26, 2017


This season of Lent is a season of simplifying in our household. We are paring down with The Minimalists challenge #minsgame and hoping to find some rest through clarity. There is so much noise around us that sometimes it's hard to even tell what messages are being thrown at us. Let alone, hear our Lord speaking to our souls. Then, we tend to get confused and scared and forget that Jesus has promised us that we are not alone and that he is there. Lent is a six week season of reflection that includes prayer, fasting and alms giving (money for the poor). It is a preparation for observing Holy Week which includes Jesus' last days, death and then resurrection on Easter.

For a Visual Faith devotion, I created a prayer page reminiscent of a prayer labyrinth. The opportunity to step into God's presence every day and remember his promises. You may color in or doodle each circle as you move through the 40 days of Lent. I counted the 40 days starting Thursday after Ash Wednesday, resting on Sunday and then ending with Easter in the middle. Find page 1 HERE

The second page of the devotion includes a verse to reflect on and truly digest throughout the six week journey. It is from Matthew chapter 11 of The Message. Here I hope you find relief and renewal as Jesus invites you to recover your life with him. There are questions to help guide you through your time in God's presence, they are meant to lead to a realigning of our thoughts with God's desire for us to live confidently knowing we are safe in him. Find page 2 HERE

I pray that as you re-lent and let go of the crazy clutter of this world, you are able to feel secure in God's promises and live free. And remember that God relented our separation from him by sending Jesus as our salvation. May you experience the unforced rhythms grace this Lenten season.

If you like keeping with a theme of simplicity, I also created a coloring page with the words 'keep it simple'. Find it HERE

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