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Explanations and worksheets for Visual Faith.

Visual Faith is a creative interactive way to draw closer to God.

Bible Journaling

Bible Journaling Explanation

Word documents that can be edited:
Blank Journaling with questions Worksheet  
Blank Journaling no questions Worksheet
Above are Word documents you can edit. The first one contains the Notes reflection questions, the second one does not. Click under Scripture heading to highlight the text box to type in your own bible verse. For something to color or trace, I suggest using your own digital drawing, clip art, or print and hand draw on the sheet. You may even find a free margin printable to attach before you make copies.

Bible Journaling Worksheet   
Bible Journaling Worksheet 2                         
Luke 10 25-37 Worksheet

Just Margins
Page 1
Page 2

Bible Margin Practice sheet   

This worksheet prints two copies on one legal 8.5 x 14 paper, cut in half to 8.5 x 7 to use. It is to help show what it is like to use a side margin journaling bible. The margin space is blank to create an entry on. There is a margin box for a guideline.

Praying In Color

Praying in Color Explanation

Praying in Color Worksheet

How to use the Praying in Color Worksheet
I like to walk through each quadrant one at a time. You may go in any order. I would suggest starting in the upper right with the word LORD. Here you can walk them through greeting God and giving him thanks and praise. Then you may use it to build a prayer for your time together or whatever is on their hearts. The bible verse is a good way to teach how to pray a verse for themselves. I tell them they may write on the words or around them. I use the tree outline with the leaves and fruit to pray for others, this is an example of using a grid or pre-drawn shape. You have them write a name in each shape and then color it in as they pray. They can add shapes around the name, too. The last one, in the lower right, I like to use as a prayer for themselves. I have them write their name in the middle. They may just color in or add their own doodles and shapes.
If you visit you will find more resources from Sybil MacBeth. I especially liked the Examples tab and under Handouts, you will find lots of print outs and even sheets on ideas for teaching adults and children Praying in Color.

Stephen Ministry Prayer Files

Daily Prayers as a Stephen Minister  page 2

These prayers are formatted so that you can cut them out and glue them onto playing cards to hang on your refrigerator or mirror. You can punch holes and hang them on hook. You could also attach them to a spiral flip book. It is a very easy way to pray daily for yourself as a Stephen Minister. Just flip to a new prayer everyday. There are 14 prayers in all that cover almost all the modules taught in the initial training sessions.

Prayers for your Care Receiver

These prayers are formatted for a 5 x 7 frame or 8 x 10 with matting. Place the frame on your night stand or hang where you'll see it to pray for your care receiver regularly.

These teaching materials are free to use. Please do not change the ones that are not editable. Give God the glory and credit where credit is due!


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