About Me

I've always had the spirit of a DIY being. Growing up my dad was always doing some sort project around the house. I helped him paint rooms, tile floors and build a shed. OK, I may not have actually tiled. Either way, I developed an 'I can do it" attitude. This has resulted in endless projects. Just ask the hubby. In 2005 he graduated from seminary and we moved out west to Colorado for first call. We bought a very quaint condo. While living there, we decided to 'tile' our kitchen counter tops. After some liquid nails, 12 inch ceramic tile and silicone for grout, I earned the description of 'unconventional' from the home inspector as we sold our first place. I've held that compliment dear ever since. 

After reflecting, praying, and reading the bible, a certain word kept popping up, STEADFAST. Then, a couple years ago, we got a card in the mail from someone praying for us with that word literally stamped right on the front within a verse. I have had to hold very fast to my Lord over the years and He to I. And He has not let go yet.

That is where unconventionally steadfast comes from.

I have a few favorite verses from the Bible that I pull from in times of need. They help to guide how I live and make decisions, especially about child rearing. One of them that sticks out greatly is what I have settled on as what I will call, my calling. That tug of what you feel is how you are supposed to make an impact on this world. It goes like this:

"Keep open house, be generous with your lives. By opening up to others, you'll prompt people to open up with God, the generous father in heaven." Matthew 5:16 The Message

I am constantly creating. I have degrees in psychology and graphic design. I have been married for 18 years. Twelve of those years, my husband has been a pastor. We have 3 fantastic kiddos. I constantly have multiple projects going. Anything from social media administration to several in process home improvement projects.

I love to plan, design, shop, organize and decorate, all in that order. I also love God and encouraging others to draw closer to Him.


  1. I am blessed to call you friend!

    1. Aw! You, too! I love your artwork and inspiration.