Thursday, September 29, 2016

Examples of Faith Book Inserts

Here are a few photos of some of the Faith Book prayer and scripture sheets I have completed over the last couple months. Hopefully this gives you more of an idea of what I do in my Faith Book. I use my weekly planning sheets to reflect on bible verses and record memories of events. The other sheets are time spent in prayer or study while using visual faith to connect with God. For more on how to interact with visual faith, I suggest checking out Sybil MacBeth's Praying in Color website, Illustrated Faith's website and the blog Vintage Grace. click on each title for link.

Each of these pages are free to download and print under the Faith Book and Sermon Notes tab.

What reflecting and recording my week last week looks like.

The Blessings Prayer Sheet
On the right is thanking God for something that is a blessing in my life.
On the left is a doodled prayer asking God to bless that someone or something.

Sermon Notes example
Sermon notes are in our church bulletin with a space to write,
draw and and outline to color. Blank ones and designed ones can be found
under the Faith Book and Sermon Notes tab.

A Verse A Day
I use the youversion bible app for a daily verse.
This is what stood out to me; colors and images that came to mind.

Visual Prayer Sheet
Each blob is a doodle I did while praying for the person or thing.

Weekly Prayer Sheets for our church
These pages are in the church bulletin every Sunday and can be
taken home to use for daily prayer.

To read more about my Faith Book, there is a post highlighted in the upper right of the blog and a short description under the Faith Book and Sermon Note tab.

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