Wednesday, October 5, 2016


I finally got Memory Work done and the Confirmation Book files formatted into pdfs. I will post them here and under the Faith Book and Sermon Notes tab. Feel free to use these in your ministry or personal life.

I hope to start doing memory work along with my middle schooler. For the last couple weeks they have been working on the books of the bible. The adult me said, "Nah, I'll skip that. I know I learned those way back when. I'm too busy." No, excuses now! I'm posting it. My plan is to find out on Mondays what the memory verse is for the week. We have one for 5&6 grades and 7&8 grades, I can post both. I'm going to share them on my Instagram account. You can find me at melindaransdell the link is on the right =>

I have some suggestions on learning verses in the box in the lower left corner titled, practice it. Based on different research articles I've read these are some good hints to use. Also, not sure on the science behind it, but I have also read that if you want to remember something, it is easier if you write it in blue ink. Doesn't hurt to try!

Memory Work File

Being a Blessing

Weekly Prayers

Sermon Reflection

Worship Reflection
*edits have been made in file

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