Saturday, October 15, 2016

Daily Affirmations

I created a new insert for my faith book, affirm - DAILY. Big reminders for in those times of suffering. Or just a daily encouragement. Sometimes when we look at the word of God or the doctrine of man, all we see are the rules or how we fall short. That is only part of the story. The other side, grace, says God loves us more than we can imagine. Our pain is not in vain. He really does fight for us. That we do not have to do one thing to earn His favor. We do not have to appease Him. Sometimes we need to turn to God and be affirmed. And be reminded that our behavior and what we do does not affect His love for us. He really is unconditional. May you rest in that truth today. 
The verses or phrases may not be the whole scripture reference but a summary or glance of His message. 
I wanted each affirmation to be rooted in scripture.

Here is the file if you wish to print it for yourself   affirm - DAILY

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