Tuesday, April 19, 2016

New Tabs!

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You may have noticed that I have new resource tabs up above. I have recently been working on several teaching resources for Visual Faith. Visual Faith involves practices that engage our hands, eyes and spirits in connecting with God. Many of you have probably heard of the exploding movement called Bible Journaling. It comes from writing notes in the margins of bibles that evolved into creatively expressing time with God through drawings, paint, stickers, stamps, etc. Another popular visual faith exercise is called Praying In Color. A prayer practice that involves doodles and coloring when expressing your thoughts to God or just being present with Him. In the Resource tab you will find a Bible Journaling explanation sheet and worksheet for practice. There are also two Word documents that can be customized. You'll also find a Praying In Color explanation and practice worksheet.

*New is a Faith Book & Sermon Notes tab. These are personal and church resources. I explained their function in the tab.

These resources are free to use. All I ask is that you give God the glory and credit where credit is due. ENJOY!


Additional Resources: Praying In Color by Sybil MacBeth , Vintage Grace by Connie Denninger (who made the beautiful prayer card in the first image) , Illuminated Journaling by Jann Gray , Writing in the Margins by Lisa Nichols Hickman , www.rachelwojo.com , www.illustratedfaith.com

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