Wednesday, July 27, 2016

More Prayer plus A Verse A Day

We are adding to our House of Prayer. The kids and I completed our Prayer Blessings Sheets. We are now starting a Visual Prayer blob a day and a Verse a Day in our Faith Books.

The Visual Prayer sheet follows the concept created by Sybil MacBeth called Praying in Color. She has a wonderful newly redone website at Each little shape, affectionately known in our home as a blob, is a space to draw or doodle a prayer for someone or something.

The Verse a Day sheet was developed as a way to add more scripture to our Jesus Time. I follow an Instagram account called goosekeeperdesigns. I love her tiny faith illustrations in her calendar. It is like a faith planner and bible journaling combined. Each day we will read a verse and write, doodle or draw what it means to us. We use YouVersion bible app to get our verse of the day.

I can't wait to see the new pages all filled up with the kiddos prayers and faith illustrations. Our Faith Books have been such a great blessing and awesome faith tool. Here is a picture of our Blessings Sheets.

All Faith Book Sheets can be found under the Faith Book & Sermon Notes tab. All are free to use and print on legal size paper. If you cannot print legal size you can print on regular paper and trim to fit.

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