Monday, November 21, 2016

Advent Devotion Booklet

Advent 2016

During the season of Advent St. John's will be using a Devotion based on the candles of the Advent wreath. On the back of each candle insert will also serve as the sermon notes for the Sunday and Wednesday of that week. There is also be a devotion for Christmas Day with the Sunday scripture readings.

Each devotion gives a background for the meaning of the candle, a scripture reading, a prayer and some activities to do during the week. The images found on each page are meant to be colored during your devotion time. The Christ Candle page is longer for the Christmas Day devotion.

Files to Download

Sermon Notes
Christ Candle front
Christ Candle back

Make your own Advent Wreath
page 1
page 2

Random Acts of Kindness
This can be for kids or adapted for adults, too. Feel free to add it to your booklet. Color in the flames as you do each act from December 1st to the 25th.

For printing purposes there are two of each devotion on a legal size paper. If your printer or copier can do duplex or manually feed the paper for double sided, the sermon notes file goes on the back of each candle page. Except the Christ Candle devotion that has a front and back of its own. The cover is also meant to be printed double sided with the inside and outside files. Fold these sheets so that the cover with the plain wreath is on top, the Advent explanation on the inside left, then the full candle wreath on the inside right with the extra space for notes on the back cover.

cover outside

cover inside

candle devotion

sermon notes for the back of the candle devotions

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