Saturday, December 19, 2015

Handmade Inspirational Christmas Gifts

If you want to have some fun with your kids and make gifts at the same time, here are some ideas.

Kids love to color, draw and write. These gifts are inexpensive and personal and easy to make.

1. Uplifting Ornaments

Simply pick up some fancy looking gift tags from a local craft store. These work perfectly because they are already beautifully decorated and have strings attached to hang on a tree. For the back, you can either print out your favorite bible verses or quotes and glue them to the back, or you can cut plain white paper to fit and have your young ones write out verses or draw pictures of the nativity to glue to the back.

2. Faithful Photos

With the same idea of bible verses, quotes or drawings, fill an inexpensive album or ornament frames. The album pictured above fits wallet or business card size 2 x 3. Again, you can either print from the computer or hand draw. If you have old business cards you aren't using, consider gluing to those for some weight. The ornament frames are easy to get the right size for the insert. Just trace the paper that is already inside it. The ornament frames can either be used as tree decorations or hung in special places to see easily, like with a suction cup hook to the bathroom mirror. The small travel size album could be carried anywhere with the gift receiver.

3. Buckets of Love

Print out, color, draw, write things that have to do with God's great love and your love for the person receiving the gift. They can place their bucket anywhere in their home and pluck out a paper every time they need a pick me up. You can use any cute container from the craft store and dress it up with some ribbon. Tell them to set it next to their coffee maker and have it be a positive way to start their day or have them place it on their night stand to close their day with love.

These are great gifts for anyone, especially for grandparents or even your own children young or old.

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