Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Under the Weather and Overwhelmed

As we approach New Year's Eve, we are in week two of Christmas vacation. Only 5 more days until back to school. The kids are getting restless and to make it even more challenging we have 3 out of 5 family members sick. So, there is no going anywhere that takes lots of walking. Although we are out of sorts, we'll all be very soon back into our routines. The ordinary everyday schedule will return. I won't lie, I love time with my family but I am looking forward to getting back into the groove of things.

I was thinking about this Holiday season today while accomplishing a few small goals and something dawned on me. The timing of our celebration of the birth of Christ and when we ring in the New Year is quite fitting, although centuries apart in their establishments. We spend about four weeks in preparation for the birth of our savior. We anticipate a great joyous occasion. We recall why we need a savior and the promises God proclaimed for the coming messiah. We recognize we humans needed a new start with our creator.

Then how appropriate that we spend the next week after celebrating this new birth thinking about the new beginning of the upcoming year. We reflect on all the good and bad of the past year and resolve to make the next one even better. So, this is what happens after all the advent preparations for Jesus' birth are over and fulfilled. We start anew!

Even though I'm looking forward to getting back into the groove of normal life, I am excited to start something new. I look forward to a new year filled with new experiences, lessons and memories. Given the opportunity to start new is not something to take lightly. Looking forward to something new is what gives us hope in those day to day routines. God gave us the greatest hope of all. We continue to hope because He will come again.


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