Monday, February 8, 2016

Turning a Task List into a Love List

We have an extraordinary ability in our house to take the simplest of activity and turn it into a burdensome task. Let's face it, 'To-Do' lists are not that fun. And it always seems that as soon as you sit down to make small one, it quickly turns into a GIANT one.

I know my kids have been feeling this stress lately. We have daily tasks and chores. Even down to the tiny detail of check off you remembered your belt with your uniform for school. This can become very heavy very fast. I know I hate huge lists hanging over my head but at the same time I like to rest knowing it's written down and I don't have to have it all memorized.

It is easy to take the graces of our God and turn them into a list of accomplishments, for ourselves. Heck, it feels good when we can say; I prayed check, I read the bible check. Not to mention the complete and utter satisfaction that comes with a conquered To-Do list! That one feels awesome. With my recent use of a faith planner and taking the time to enjoy my daily schedule and see God in it, I have learned a valuable lesson; make planning what you have to do pleasant. Not a pass or fail test.

Every morning after the kids had gone to school and I get my peace and quiet, I would start noticing all the things left undone. All the tasks forgotten. And it would irritate me to no end. Even more so as I resisted the urge to do it for them. Sooooo, on a whim of divine inspiration, I started to doodle out their daily to do lists. I added little encouraging sayings and sketches. I was completely taken aback at how uplifting and more positive this was, for all of us. It was a simple change that took something that was cumbersome and made it lighthearted. I love the process of putting love and care into teaching my kids how to care for themselves.

As for my faith planner, it is extremely meditative. I have stickers, stamps, pens, washi tape and they all find a way to connect me to Christ and what He is doing in my life. I pray. I ask for His help. I ask Him to guide my hand and inspire my heart. I feel His presence and am encouraged in my tasks.

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